First and the most necessary step is to recognize your order by any of these:

and matched by your column number. Take note that the column number starts from 0.

Next, you can choose to update your tracking number and tracking URL and company by mapping your column number.

You can also set a default tracking company and URL by specifying for all the orders in the order file you are about to update. However, this method is optional.

  1. Order
  • Choose to recognize order by Order number, Shopify Order ID, Order Name or Order Sequence Number.
  • Map the order to the column number in your file.
  • You can choose to add formats if you have a prefix/suffix in your file.

  2. Tracking

  • Map your Tracking info if you have it in your file.
  • Just map it to their respective column numbers.
  • You can add your tracking company default
  • All these are optional.

Next is mapping Item SKU and quantity. The item mapping enables partial fulfillment. 

 3. Item

  • Fulfill Sync has a Partial Fulfillment feature.
  • To enable this, you need to fill up this part of the mapping.
  • By default, all order items will be fulfilled if it is not checked.

When you are done, you re ready for the final step.