When you are logging into FulfillSync for the first time, you will see the empty state.
You can either click Create Source to get started or learn more where you will be redirected to this page now.

When clicking Create Source, you will be redirected to the Settings page to set up your first source.

FulfillSync supports 6 types of Source Type as follows.

You can choose any one of these Source Type:
1. FTP
4. Direct Link (URL)
5. File upload
6. Receive Email

For this example, we will choose the File Upload. But if you chose FTP or any other source type, you will need to fill in the fields. 

  • Provide your host, for example, ftp.vendor.com
  • Provide username and password if required
  • Provide the path of the file that you want to sync.
  • You can choose to rename your file after the process.

Next, you need to choose the column separator if the default is not a comma.

Continue to the second step by clicking the Next button.

The second step is the Mapping and Configuration.

First and the most necessary step is to recognize your order number

and matched it by your column number. Take note that the column number starts from 0.
Next, you can choose to update your tracking number by mapping your column number.

When you are done, you are ready for the final step.
The third step is the Advanced Settings.

In the advanced settings, it's all about filters.

You can filter by the following Payment Status :

You can also filter by Column Index.
The filtered row will be ignored from the source file while updating fulfillments.

If XML is used, the Parent Node is mandatory. If Xlsx or Xls, please fill in the sheet name else default to the first sheet.

Click on the Update Source to finish your setup.

And begin fulfilling now